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Mission Statement

As a child of God, the student is the primary focus of the entire educational effort.  Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist School provides students with, learning opportunities and skills needed to contribute to society, to prepare students for life's work and to flourish spiritually.

Our Philosophy 
Hilltop Adventist School offers grades 1-8, sponsored by the Twin Falls Seventh-day Adventist Church.  This school provides an educational program that operates within the Christian philosophy and guidelines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and exists for the purpose of introducing all students to a loving, caring Savior; and providing opportunities for its students to esteem God and others before self, while achieving high academic standards. 

Special Education and ADA Students

Hilltop SDA School does not have the equipment, resources, staff certification, or staff time necessary to provide for special education; therefore, as a private school, we may not accept any students who have mental, physical, learning or social handicaps and disablilities, including even those who want to provide a PSR Worker, parent or other adult supervision.  (Code 3008:88)

Are Adventist schools accredited? Do they provide as complete an education as other public or private schools?
Every Adventist school is accredited by a state or national accrediting body. In addition, the church Office of Education also operates a comprehensive accrediting process to maintain a high standard of excellence in all Adventist schools. Idaho Adventist schools are accredited through the North American Division Accreditation and by Northwest Association of Accredited School (NAAS).

What does the name "Seventh-day Adventist" refer to?
The name "Seventh-day Adventist" refers to two core beliefs. Respecting the fourth of God's Ten Commandments, Adventists worship on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. "Adventist" refers to Jesus Christ's promise to return and take his followers home to heaven. Adventists believe in the imminent advent, or return, of Jesus Christ.

Adventist History
The Seventh-day Adventist church grew in the mid 1840s during the Second Great Awakening, a time of religious revival in the United States. Its first members came from the Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Christian Connection congregations, but over the following decades the denomination has grown into a worldwide church with millions of members. The church is well known for its excellence in health care, education, and human service activities.

The Adventist Lifestyle
One of the founding principles of the Adventist church is a healthy lifestyle—a balanced combination of exercise, diet, and trust in God. Adventists are generally vegetarian, and do not smoke or drink alcohol. They operate successful stop-smoking clinics worldwide.

Adventists Today
Today the worldwide Adventist church has over 15 million members in more than 200 countries. Adventists operate 7200+ schools worldwide with nearly 1.5 million students. They also run 168 hospitals worldwide, 138 nursing homes and retirement centers, 442 clinics and dispensaries, and 34 orphanages and children's homes. In addition, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International, a disaster relief organization, funds over 2,400 projects in 112 countries.

Adventist Mission
From the very beginning, Adventists have focused on the importance of education and health care in improving people's lives. In fact, Adventists run the next-largest denominational education system in the world, second only to Catholic schools. Adventist hospitals and clinics are also numerous, including Florida Hospital, America's busiest hospital. You'll find at least one Adventist health care center in many major metropolitan areas in North America. Adventists are also active providing schools and hospitals where they are needed around the world.

Will an Adventist school try to turn my child into a Seventh-day Adventist?
At an Adventist school, students' freedom to think for themselves is respected and nurtured, and students are encouraged to learn how to make good moral decisions regardless of their creed or belief system. One key Adventist principle is that no one should be pressured into church membership, but join willingly as they choose. Children of Adventist parents only become baptized members when they are old enough to make the decision consciously and responsibly.

More About our Journey to Excellence

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Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist school is part of the world wide Adventist school system.