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What's happening and what our school is all about:      
 In addition to teaching the Bible, we also place great emphasis on teaching 21st Century Skills and believe those to be skills that today's students will need to be successful in this everchanging world.  The most reconizable of these skills are the 4C's: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.  However, 21st Century skills also include social and emotional intelligence, technological literacy and problem solving abilities.  These skills emphasize "Application of Knowledge" and go beyond rote memorization.  These skills are becoming an important aspect of curriculums in K-12. The shift into 21st Century Skills has spurred the integration of technology along with the emphasis on STEM and Project Based Learning in classrooms.  These concepts help students develop the higher thinking skills that colleges and employers are looking for.  Therefore, at our Hilltop SDA School, we teach through 1:1 devices including iPads, Windows 10 Touch Screen Laptops, Spheros Technology, 3D Printing, STEM, Project Based Learning and more!